Ethical marketers all over the world worry about US spam-related laws, because they are not always clearly written or easy to understand.

For example, when a company collects addresses through acceptable means, can it send an email newsletter to those addresses? What can marketers do to ensure compliance with anti-spam laws?

If you already know how to work with the spam laws, share your experience or tell us about a problem leaving you perplexed. More than 200,000 "MarketingProfs Today" readers can help you make sense of your dilemma and provide solutions. Submit your challenge and receive a complimentary copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing.

This Week's Dilemma

Keeping a tight lid on spam

I have been collecting email addresses from as many customers as will volunteer them on our customer information form we use to record new customers. My intent is to begin offering an email newsletter beginning next year. I do plan to use a third-party service to manage the newsletter, so there will be an easy way to manage subscribers. Do I need to send an initial email asking subscribers to sign up for the newsletter in order to add them to my mailing list? How do the new spam rules apply to this situation?

—Elliott, marketing services manager

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