There's a legendary story about a French bank. Apparently, their elderly customers took up too much time dealing with the banking clerks and did little business of value.

So the bank decided that it wanted to give the elderly customers the ol' heave-ho.

But how do you get rid of elderly customers without igniting a PR bush fire? You simply increase the height of the steps leading to the bank.

The elderly customers were distraught, angry, frustrated. And, one by one, these customers decided to move their business to another bank down the street.

Progressive Insurance did one better.

It moved its agents off the street completely. Progressive insurance found a profitable niche in motorcycle riders. But not all motorcycle riders.

Not surprisingly, not all motorcyclists have kamikaze brains. Progressive found that older motorcycle drivers tend to be very safety-conscious, and therefore a better-than-average risk.

So Progressive hid its signs.

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