Pound for pound, Google AdWords offers everyone, from mom and pop cotttage industries to multinational juggernauts, the most effective advertising medium yet devised.

At last count, it cost $2.4 million to have your company's ad shown during the NFL Super Bowl. Combined with the costs of media planning, creative agencies, film production and associated campaign elements, you're looking at a long haul to retrieve your money.

Most people's concept of advertising is limited to the (sometimes woeful) ads they see on TV, or the billboards they drive past. Seeing these, they automatically assume that effective advertising is out of their reach. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Bang for Your Buck

What if you were told that there is an advertising method out there that's more effective than showcasing your product or service as a half-time ad during the Super Bowl, costs far less, but is likely to bring a higher ROI and potentially (wait for it)--more customers?

Almost all who are interested in your product or service (and aren't just tuning in in the hope of another wardrobe malfunction, all for as little as a few dollars per day?

It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Its called PPC advertising, just one more acronym for you to remember. PPC (pay per click) ads work because you only pay for, you guessed it, ads that are clicked on. So the only traffic you're paying for are customers that come to your site looking to start a conversation with you.

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Peter Majarich is an occasional contributor to MarketingProfs.com.