Co-registration (or co-reg, as it is commonly known) is rapidly gaining ground as a media tactic. In the age of CAN-SPAM, and with an increased understanding in the market about the importance of user permission for effective email communication, co-reg is an attractive option for building a house list.

Unfortunately, few marketers treat co-reg as a distinct tactic, and instead simply apply the business rules of their standard online media buys. This can be a costly mistake.

This article discusses the most important issues to consider when crafting an insertion order (IO) for a co-reg buy.

The Obvious Stuff

Besides the buy value, payment terms and start and end dates, here are the terms, specific to co-reg, that need to be included in your IO.

All Data Must Be Opt-in

Opt-out data does enormous damage to brands and should never be used by legitimate marketers. An IO needs to state explicitly that the buy is for opt-in data only. Since many vendors use the term loosely, you need to define "opt-in" carefully. For me, an opt-in name is of a user who expressly requests to receive a specific email communication from a specific brand by taking some form of affirmative action to request such email communication.

Specify Data Fields

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