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Case Study: How to Beat the Spam Filters

by Kristie Tamsevicius  |  
May 31, 2005

As a marketer, you've probably experienced spam frustration. You spend hours doing research, writing an article, carefully composing your newsletter; then, you submit it for broadcast to your list. In the old days, an ordinary email newsletter could turn into thousands of dollars of sales. But the glory days of email marketing are coming to an end. Today, even if you are a legitimate marketer sending a requested opt-in email or newsletter, a spam blocker can pull your email into a spam box so that your subscriber never sees it.

How can we as responsible marketers make sure that our newsletters get through the filters and to our customers? That's the million-dollar question we all face.

Between getting caught in spam filters or being blocked by ISPs and disappearing in the sheer volume of email that's out there, it's tough to guarantee that your newsletter actually gets into the hands of your customer.

Being one who likes a good challenge, I took on a mission to beat the spam filters. Recently, I worked with a client to improve his newsletter delivery rate by 22%. Read the following case study to see the small changes we made that made such a dramatic difference.

The Problem

Rich Fettke ( is facing declining deliverable rates on his newsletter, "The 1 Minute Climb to Success" and is seeking to improve them. His newsletter has 5,538 subscribers. In the past, Rich's undeliverable rate has run 10-40%, with an average of 22%.

Here's Rich's e-zine before the fixes. We highlighted the trouble areas in yellow so that you can spot them easily.

The Solution

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Kristie Tamsevicius is president of Branding on the Net (

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  • by Ron D Wed Apr 21, 2010 via web

    all the links in this article are broken or directing to parked domains.

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