Attracting prospective clients and customers to your site is only half the struggle—the other half is actually making the sale or conversion.

One way to increase your conversion ratio is to make sure your Web site is easy to navigate and information is easy to find. In other words, ensure its "usability." Often, search engine optimization and marketing principles benefit a site's usability with people as well as search engines.

Here are some tips on how to improve usability and improve your conversion rates.

Analyze the usability factor

Your Web site can drastically change over time with the addition of new products, services and content. That's why it's crucial to regularly put yourself in your visitor's shoes and evaluate what they experience.

Carefully study your homepage. Can visitors quickly find what they are looking for? Is the site navigation simple and logical, or are visitors confused by too many options, too much junk or flashy ads?

Even though you know your product inside and out, assume your customers don't. Show them why it is the best, how it can be used and how it will benefit them. Offer free demos (if possible), or provide customer testimonials or third-party reviews from professional sources.

Try to get an outside perspective. Ask a few trusted customers, other business associates, or family members to look at your site with fresh eyes.

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