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How to Create a Successful Business Blog: 8 Planning Tips (Part 1 of 2)

by Bill Comcowich  |  
April 4, 2006

In this two-part series, I analyze the steps for planning and implementing a corporate blog. The first article, on planning a blog, examines the key decisions on subject, mission, audience targeting, market survey, blogger selection, securing of a corporate champion, and the "go" decision.

The second article, on implementing a successful business blog, dissects the steps of selecting development tools, working out a content plan for launch, making a debut, developing a style and personality, handling responses, monitoring consumer discussion on your subject, and enjoying the process.

Herewith, eight tips for planning a business blog.

Tip #1: Pick your subject

"Passion" is the litmus test of blogging. The most successful business bloggers are knowledgeable about their subject. More importantly, they are passionate. Usually, they are evangelists. It's the combination of insight, passion, and good writing that attracts followers.

Tip #2: Define your mission

What purpose is the blog to serve? What is it to accomplish? What problem is it to solve? What gap is it to fill?

"Renown" and "revenge" are major motivators for independent business bloggers. Many business bloggers hope to become recognized as a thought-leader, which in turn may lead to monetary rewards. Others use blogs to attack industries, companies, or adversaries.

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Bill Comcowich is president and CEO of CyberAlert ( and has been developing and producing interactive multimedia communications programs for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years and has 10 years of experience in public relations.

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