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They've bought in. Your law firm, architectural practice, or other professional service provider has decided to commit its resources to a tradeshow.

Congratulations. Industry tradeshows, conferences, conventions, and other B2B encounters like them don't deserve the bad rap that many get.

These are the red-headed stepchildren of business development. That's particularly true among professionals, who are liable to feel that they're above it all.

B2B events are, however, incredibly efficient. Your clients and prospects gather there... in growing numbers. Plus, events like these blend face-to-face selling and broadcast-style marketing, giving you a shot at the best of both worlds.

Provided you're smart. And, provided you can overcome the professionals' legendary reluctance to be, well, social.

What do you do, then, to get the most out of these opportunities? How do your overcome the professional's introversion? Or, at least mitigate its effect?

'You Want Me to Do What?!'

I'm going to let you in on a secret. Cashing in on your clients' industry tradeshow or conference does not presume the impossible or unlikely.

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Doug Stern (www.doug-stern.com) is a freelance business writer and marketing strategist based in Louisville, KY. Contact him at 502-599-6624 or stern.doug@gmail.com.