Never before have business-to-business (B2B) marketers faced such enormous pressure in their jobs. With competition intensifying and prospective customers becoming increasingly elusive, companies are demanding that marketers deliver measurable results. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are now expected to demonstrate the impact of their actions and the return on their investments.

The failure of so many marketing executives to rigorously and successfully defend their decisions partly explains why the average tenure of top CMOs is now less than 23 months.1

Several factors have dramatically altered the landscape of B2B marketing in recent years, forcing marketing practitioners to rethink their tactics and reinvest their resources to achieve superior outcomes. Among the key drivers are accountability, measurability and automation.

This rise in accountability has placed marketing measurement as the key requirement for assessing performance. New tools are being introduced that enable marketers to track, test, and analyze with evermore precision, across multiple channels.

Marketers can now draw clear correlations between their marketing campaigns and sales results. These findings not only help them to justify their actions but also allow them to invest more effectively over time.

At the same time, marketing is being changed—and enhanced—by automation. Just as enterprise resource planning (ERP) automated the back office and sales force automation (SFA) automated the sales process, powerful new marketing automation systems delivered as a service enable marketers to quickly scale their most successful campaigns to drive a larger flow of qualified leads.

This enables organizations to engage prospective customers in a personalized, one-to-one fashion, enhancing customer acquisition, improving cross-selling and up-selling, and strengthening loyalty.

The Top Challenges B2B Marketing Organizations Now Face

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Mike Zavershnik is senior product manager for Eloqua (, which offers a demand-generation platform for executing, automating, and measuring effective B2B marketing programs. Mike also spent two years as a professional baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays.