I don't drink, although after a hard day it seems like it might be worth starting, but since I can't stand the taste of the stuff, I generally just settle for drowning my troubles in a stiff diet soda.

However if I were going to take up the evil spirits, I would start with Reyka Vodka—not because it's better or worse than any other vodka, but because the company has an extraordinary marketing campaign and an equally clever integrated Web site with an enchanting, if somewhat bizarre, Icelandic spokeswoman.

The video commercials for the campaign drew 20,000 views in the first three weeks after being posted on YouTube.

These Web-video commercials combine distinctive visuals with an eccentric brand spokesperson and a series of hysterically funny scripts. Granted: They're not for everyone; but if you like your marketing clever, funny, stylish, and effective, then there is a lot to learn from this campaign.

Lesson No. 1: Different is good

On the Web, different is not merely good—it's a necessity. There is no point in spending your hard-earned money on advertising if you're just going to say the same thing everybody else is saying. And if you absolutely, positively can't come up with anything different to say, then you better find a different way to say it.

Whether it's what you say or how you say it, different, is the key to making an impact on the Web.

And don't forget the advice of the big-time Hollywood producers: "You've got to be different, but the same." Make your video commercials familiar enough to be acceptable, but different enough to stand out.

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Jerry Bader is senior partner in MRPwebmedia (www.mrpwebmedia.com), a website-design firm that specializes in Web audio and video. Contact him via info@mrpwebmedia.com or (905) 764-1246.