If you're like most marketers, you're probably struggling with the best ways to help your salespeople have more meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. Perhaps you believe your salespeople sell too tactically, offering piecemeal solutions and missing the opportunity to serve in a more trusted advisor role. Or perhaps you have great salespeople, but their messages are inconsistent across the field and don't reflect corporate strategy and vision.

Effectively articulating any company's true business value is a challenge for even the best salespeople. So what percentage of your sales organization can engage customers in discussions that carry them from high-level challenges down to individual solution areas, without leaving the customer lost in translation?

When connecting the dots from marketing vision to sales execution, you can use these five quick tips for creating scripted conversations to help salespeople more effectively communicate your company's business value to customers and prospects:

1. Avoid using your own corporate-speak

Many companies have developed messaging at the corporate level, which likely includes the invention of your own unique term and associated acronym. Unfortunately, that can lead to salespeople's spending their valuable presentation time trying to define and explain the messaging itself and not the associated business value to your customer.

Instead, try enabling salespeople to tell a story that explores business challenges and your approach to solving them. When it's appropriate in the discussion, sketch in the acronym and link it between the pains and solutions. Next, script a line that says, "Here at XYZ company, we call that...."

Remember, customers want to know how you solve problems (your unique approach to value). Analysts want to know what you call it (your brand category and acronym).

2. Use the voice of experience

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Jody Canavan is founder and president of Launch International (www.launchinternational.com). Reach her via 215-230-4340.