Flip a coin and you get either heads or tails. Point your compass North and 180 degrees below you'll see South. Go turn on the water tap and you'll have a choice between hot and cold.

Happy/sad, dirty/clean, hungry/full. Our brain, and maybe even our world, seems to like the symmetry of a perfectly matched set of opposites.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article for Marketingprofs.com: "Five Negative Thoughts That Can Sabotage Your Writing (and How to Shake Them)." The piece generated an enthusiastic response from readers, but now it's occurred to me that the mirror image of this topic is just as important.

So, looking at writing from the opposite perspective, I've now assembled "Five Positive Thoughts That Will Turbocharge Your Writing (and How to Channel Them). Read on to find out how this look at the "flip side" can help you write faster and better.

1. Writing is simply talking on paper

Imagine sitting in a coffee shop and chatting with a good friend. Do you stumble for words? Do you struggle to express yourself? Of course not! Now picture yourself standing in front of a room of 500 people without any notes. Can you talk easily now? Probably not—even if your subject is something with which you're very familiar. What's the difference? It's perception.

With a friend, you are relaxed. In front of an audience, you're worried about being judged.

And that's the problem when we write. We imagine people judging us. We worry about making mistakes. About being boring. About not succeeding.

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Daphne Gray-Grant, a former journalist, is a writing and editing coach with an international practice. She offers a free weekly e-zine called Power Writing. For more information, visit www.publicationcoach.com.