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An Insider's Guide to Creating Podcasts—Part 1

by Lisa Johnson, Cheri Hanson  |  
May 29, 2007

Podcasts are an excellent way to share your latest findings and juiciest developments in a medium that's engaging, fun, and portable. If you're thinking about podcasting, here's an insider's peek at the creation of the Reach Group podcast series—"The Connected Generation"—complete with professional tips from our talented audio team.

It all started when we learned that our new MacBooks (we have the exact same computer—talk about thinking alike!) were capable of creating podcasts. Excited to dive in, we fired up the Garage Band software during a writing retreat and started talking.

The dialogue was strong, but thanks to the hardwood floors in our office, it sounded like we were in a tunnel. There was also the occasional "ping" of an incoming email and a general lack of structure. We realized that our recordings had promise, but we weren't sure where to go with the endeavor. We needed some guidance. We needed a plan. We found it in Pushplay Productions ( 

Jayson Bosteder, the owner of Pushplay, had directed and produced Lisa's videos for our speaking division, so we already knew that he and his team were skilled at creating podcasts, videos, and viral media. We were ready to get started.

Inside the Reach Group Podcast Process

Step 1: Format

We played our pilot podcast for Jayson and Meg Weber (a key Pushplay team member), and they used this initial effort to help us plan the first series. They asked us a set of questions to determine the best format, and we quickly reached some conclusions.

Ideally, we wanted the podcast to be a dialogue between us. However, because we live in different countries and wanted to avoid delays, we opted to create the first series with Lisa as the sole host.

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Lisa Johnson ( is the CEO of ReachWomen ( She is also a coauthor of Don't Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy—And How to Increase Your Share of this Crucial Market (AMACOM, 2004).

Cheri Hanson is cofounder of the Reach Group (, a boutique consultancy that provides fresh insights and clear thinking about the Connected Generation. With three divisions—ReachWomen, Reach X and Y, and Content Strategy—the Reach Group provide tools for engaging the modern marketplace.

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