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Picture this: A football team is about to play its first game of the season. The players are excited. The coach gives his motivational speech, encouraging each player to play his best game. On the field, the quarterback calls the signals, crouches behind the center—who hikes the football before the quarterback's ready. Fumble. The other team recovers and marches a short distance down the field to score.

Getting the ball back, the quarterback calls a pass play. The center hikes the ball. The quarter steps back to throw... but this time can't find the receivers, who are busy blocking because they think it's a running play. What the hey?

Half-time finally arrives. The coach hollers, "What the heck happened out there?"

Players shout out their theories, but no one satisfies the coach, who finally says, "I should've focused my opening game speech on a different topic—teamwork. I don't care who tackled well and who ran well; you're all losers if you can't function together as a team. If one member fails, we all fail."

Marketing team members, as well as services and sales employees, must work together like football players to achieve company goals. Read on for excellent advice on how to work better as a team.

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