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Jell-O Without Whip Cream

Do you like Jell-O? It's OK, I guess. I mean, it's not a hot fudge sundae, is it? But if you add a little whip cream, then you've got something worth calling dessert.

My question to you is, Does your Web site have that something extra, that dollop of whip cream on top that says "oh, mama, let me at it," or does it just lie there squirming in your dish with the sound of Peggy Lee's voice ringing in your ears, "is that all there is?"

If your Web site disappointments, you need something that provides the eureka factor—and that can be provided with a creative, informative Web video.

The Chicago Bulls Without Michael Jordan

How the mighty have fallen, at least in terms of brand personality. I mean it's not like the Chicago Bulls stink. It's just that without MJ they're not the Chicago Bulls of old.

When Michael played, we all watched; he was magic; he wasn't just a great basketball player—he was a great personality and he gave the team its character. No Michael, no personality.

Is your Web site like the new Chicago Bulls, a talented group of players with skills but no singular personality?

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Jerry Bader is senior partner in MRPwebmedia (, a website-design firm that specializes in Web audio and video. Contact him via or (905) 764-1246.