The top 10 challenges facing the interactive marketing community are very much the same as those facing the entire marketing community... in that almost every marketing professional must address the interactive/online marketing medium.

Having spent the last two years traveling the world for the Online Marketing Summit events (more the United States, but you get the point), educating marketers on the best practices of online marketing, I've had a chance to interact with thousands from all areas of marketing.

When they are asked about top challenges, many marketers say things like "social media" or "search engine optimization" or "integrating online and offline." But I think the challenges are much more fundamental to the individual and the organization.

Here's my list of the top challenges, and my recommendations for dealing with them.

No. 10: Time

"I have to get this e-newsletter out tomorrow; can we talk about our landing page strategy next week?"

As marketers, especially online marketers, we are all stretched way too thin. So, I put time at No. 10 because it's never really about a lack of timeā€”it's about prioritizing time. Right? We can do whatever we want; it just depends on what we decide to do first.

As it applies to online marketing, we get so caught up in the day-to-day execution of existing campaigns that we never take the right amount of time each week, month, or year to say, "What can I do that will have the largest impact on my marketing goals?"

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Aaron Kahlow is founder and executive director of the Online Marketing Summit ( and the Online Marketing for Marketers blog (