Email marketers must keep in mind that consumers who decide to opt in to the brand's email channel is likely a fan of that brand. Do not lose those consumers by making the following mistakes.

Information Overload

Is it really necessary to send four emails each week about the latest sale? Think long and hard about the number of touch points. Retailers are notorious for overdoing it.

I once asked the director of CRM at a national retailer why the brand is not more list-frequency conscious. His reply was that email is so cheap that for them no matter how much they burn their list it's still profitable to maintain such frequent contact with their entire database.

That might be so, but they programmed the majority of their consumers to shop with their weekly email coupon in hand, which has effectively devalued the brand and caused a high rate of consumers opt-outs.

Providing Irrelevant Content

I don't want to know about the latest widget out there unless I asked to know about it. The best way to avoid making the mistake of providing content irrelevant to the recipient is to design an option-heavy preference center that is simple to use. Adidas, Discover Card, Tide, and Nike do this correctly. They let their consumer dictate their experience.

Educating on the 101 Level

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Evan Blittner is online marketing manager at CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC ( and works on interactive marketing on the national level.