Note: The following article was adapted by Mack Collier from the MarketingProfs How-To Guide "Your Template for Creative Blog Marketing."

Many companies are investigating the possibility of beginning a blog. The thinking often is that every company can blog if it so chooses. But simply wanting to blog may not be enough.

Every business, company, and organization is made of a unique group of people functioning in a unique culture. Accordingly, every group considering a blog must address a unique set of circumstances before it can determine whether a blog is feasible.

This article will walk you through five key considerations for launching a blog.

1. What Type of Blog You Will Have

Blogs come in all shapes and sizes; however, they generally fall into one of several categories: CEO blog, aggregate blog, staff blog, specialist blog, and customer-evangelist blog

CEO blog

Despite its name, the CEO blog can be authored by any senior-level executive. By virtue of his or her position, the author is considered a thought leader who can provide an unfiltered view of the company. When done well, a CEO blog can build rapport and trust, and tell customers what is happening within the company.

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Carrie Shearer is a writer and researcher who has been published in the European Wall Street Journal and other global publications.  Before embarking on her second, or is it third career, Carrie spent 25 years in the international petroleum industry, most of it overseas.