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18 Strategies and Tools for Naming Your Business or Product

by Scott Trimble  |  
January 8, 2008

Naming. Doesn't matter what you're naming—your product, your business, your Web site or heck, even your child (which happens to be my current project), your choice is important. Below, you'll find a flock of ideas, strategies, and tools to make your name discovery a little easier.

Through researching and writing this article, I tried to make name discovery a point-by-point affair. I've also noticed that most, if not all, of the articles and reports I've read over the years do the same. Start here, end there, do this and don't do that.

Lemme tell you, though, that it's not nearly that cut and dry. The process of naming is anything but linear.

There is NO chronological set of events that promise to lead you to naming perfection.

There is NO set of naming principles you must adhere to.

Sure, there are certain guidelines and ideas that are good to keep in mind, but I promise you that there's an exception to every rule. (Successfully branded, wildly popular—and, by all standards, bad—names abound.)

The process of naming also has its idiosyncrasies. Sometimes you'll set out to name a new product and the perfect name will be hanging there, right out in front of you, just waiting to be snatched out of thin air. Other times, you'll mull for days, agonizing over the details of your product, entering in hundreds or thousands of options to your registrar with nothing sounding "just" right.

So, given the interesting and often inconsistent nature of naming, I've decided to divide this article into "considerations." That is, instead of giving you a chronological chart of action points from which you'll undoubtedly stray, or assigning you a set of naming commandments that are anything but set in stone, I've outlined a collection of methods, ideas and strategies that you should simply consider.

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Scott Trimble is an account manager at Clear Channel Outdoor and former managing partner of Halfagain LLC (, a Portland, Oregon-based marketing software producer.

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  • by Sourav Thu Feb 28, 2008 via web

    One of the best article I have read in my entire life...very focussed and with loads of information and guides......

    Outstanding........I really appreciate the effort.......

  • by Matthew Mon Feb 23, 2009 via web

    A good list of morphemes is available, searchable, and alphabetized, with 2600 morphemes and growing, at

  • by Riddhi Mon Sep 14, 2009 via web

    A very specific article .

  • by Akhil S Menon Tue Dec 29, 2009 via web


  • by Ignite Mon Feb 22, 2010 via web

    Just about to start a re-brand on a General Contracting company. This article is one of the BEST i've read on the topic of naming. Thank you Scott...great job.

  • by My name is Marcus Mon Jan 2, 2012 via web

    Consider this too: what does the name mean in all other languages? what pictures and domains are returned in SERPS?

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