You can improve lead-capture and sales-conversion rates by directing your prospective customers to special Web site landing pages.

But you can enjoy even greater success by expanding your landing pages—turning them into microsites—and customizing the homepages and navigation menus of those microsites based on whatever you know about each visitor.

Personalize for Maximum Effectiveness

The most effective online lead-generation campaigns drive prospective customers to multipage microsites that have informational homepages (the landing pages) and links to enticing offers such as whitepapers and prerecorded webinars.

For maximum impact, personalize your entire microsite (and especially the landing page) based on whatever information you might have about the viewer. For example, your microsite should present different information and offers depending on whether the prospect arrived by clicking on a banner ad (and depending on what ad he clicked) or by searching Google for a particular keyword (and depending on what that keyword was).

A company that sells HR software, for example, might create one microsite for CEOs and another for HR directors. It would therefore place an ad on a site mostly likely to be seen by CEOs and a different ad on a site mostly likely to be viewed by HR directors. Each of these ads would then link to its own version of the microsite.

An email campaign can permit even greater microsite personalization through specially coded hyperlinks in the email messages. When prospects click on the link, their browsers provide your microsite with unique ID codes that enable the microsite to look up the prospects in your marketing database.

Even if you buy a list of prospects to send your email message to, that list will likely contain at least the first and last name of each prospect and perhaps much more. Your microsite can look up that information and do a "web merge." That's the Web equivalent of a mail merge—personalizing the microsite's pages with the prospect's first name, etc. (e.g., "Hello Jane, thanks for visiting").

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Sundeep Parsa is vice-president of client services and cofounder of Market2Lead, Inc. (, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) B2B automated marketing solutions. Reach him at 408.907.2821 or