Today we discuss some SEO tactics that may or may not be Black Hat, and how to deliver a dope smack to commenters who don't add to the conversation...

All that and more in this Marketing Over Coffee, a weekly audio program sponsored by MarketingProfs that covers classic marketing tactics and what's new on the technology front.

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Show length 22:02

00:53 Follow up on using Automated tools to measure search results, looking for help from Danny Sullivan. Rick Herndershot is doing some cool stuff. Please fight with us.

03:40 Jeremy Pepper's Theory of the Living Room

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image of John Wall
John ( is marketing manager at AccuRev (, which specializes in software configuration management (SCM) for distributed and parallel software development teams.
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Christopher S. Penn is an authority on digital marketing and technology. A speaker and thought leader, he is co-founder of Trust Insights and the best-selling author of several books, including Leading Innovation and Marketing Blue Belt.