In part 1 of this article, I offered my first five ideas for getting ahead in an economy that's got us down. As promised, here are five more inexpensive—yet powerful—ideas that can help you and your business come out on top.

6. Expose unexpected value/savings

I confess that this is probably the most obvious idea and, when executed, the one most likely to find itself on a long line of similar marketing propositions. Still, it can be worth pursuing (better to light a candle than curse the darkness).

In recent years, I've worked with a manufacturer of 3D printers. Its primary marketing messages have been about accelerating time-to-market and facilitating innovation. Today, it might want to consider a value angle by positioning the 3D printer as a less-expensive alternative to outsourcing prototype construction.


For this approach to work, you have to consider not only how your product/service saves money but also for whom it saves money.

With the 3D printers, for example, there's no point targeting the "alternative to outsourced prototyping" message to colleges and universities that have always made their models in-house. But it could be a strong message for industrial design shops and architectural studios.

Refocus your marketing efforts on the segments most likely to realize real value.

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Jonathan Kranz is the author of Writing Copy for Dummies and a copywriting veteran now in his 21st year of independent practice. A popular and provocative speaker, Jonathan offers in-house marketing writing training sessions to help organizations create more content, more effectively.

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