Businesses have begun to flock to Facebook Pages in the past year—and no wonder. With a Facebook Page (essentially, a mini website on Facebook), you can post company news, announce events, offer tutorials, highlight videos, conduct polls, and create community with discussion boards.

Facebook Pages are good for building your brand and creating conversations, allowing users to get more deeply connected with your business.

Recent changes to Facebook Pages mean they're now more like personal profiles, with a real-time news stream and the ability to create your own specialized tabs. Facebook Pages are also searchable from outside Facebook, and they're easy to set up.

They're also potentially viral. That's because when Facebook members become "fans" of your site, your name and logo will appear on their personal-profile newsfeeds (your status updates—usually text-only messages—also appear in their newsfeeds). News Feed also tells their friends they've become a fan, which in turn (if they join) can alert their friends, creating a viral effect.

A Good Example

Check out one of the step-by-step guides noted at the end of this article for detailed setup instructions. Meanwhile, I'll focus on strategies and highlighting some of the key features, using as an example the Dell Social Media for Small Business site/Page, which has 32,000 fans (Dell has several platforms on Facebook). 

  • Audience: First, define your audience. Dell's social media site is obviously aimed at its small-business buyers, a market that accounts for a large percentage of Dell's computer business.
  • Goals/objectives/strategy: Think through your goals/objectives and strategy for the site. Before you launch, determine how you will measure success (e.g., how much traffic you drive to your website)


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Mark Ivey is a partner and consultant with the ION Group ( a marketing communications company based in San Jose, CA, specializing in social media. Reach him via