Email marketing has rapidly become all about quality: the quality of the sender's content and the quality of the sender's email addresses. It simply doesn't work to quickly throw together content and send to a large list of non-opted-in email addresses.

Keeping the content simple and valuable is the key to crafting a quality email message. Trying to cram useless information into a message will leave the recipient with little choice but to abandon it with a quick click of the "next" or "delete" button, or even worse—the dreaded spam button.

Below, a few tips for boosting quality when creating email marketing content.

Focus heavily on relevance and value

Always ask, "Will my audience truly appreciate what I am sending them?" Keep the message layout clean and the overall message easy to process.

Think of it as the side of a bus

Design the content like it is going to be displayed on the side of a city bus and people are going to see it as it quickly passes by. Much like an ad on a passing bus, your message may have the recipient's attention only for a second or two. Make sure the message is well-branded, and the offer and the call-to-action are easy to identify and act upon.

Offer tidbits, not the entire package

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Louis Chatoff is the deliverability manager for StreamSend Email Marketing Service (