As the Web has evolved, websites have become diverse, particularly in how they are constructed. A wide variety of programming languages and design techniques are now used to build websites.

Some of those coding and design techniques are detrimental to search-engine positioning. And if your website uses any of them, it's probably time to build a new website, or at least rebuild in a format that is better suited for search-engine positioning.

The following can be problematic:

  • Websites coded in a database format
  • Websites built with "dirty" code
  • Websites built almost exclusively in images or Flash

Websites Coded in a Database Format

Several programming languages make heavy use of databases in the construction of website pages: .PHP, .ASP, .JSP, and .CFM (ColdFusion). There are others, but these are the popular ones, especially for those built with content management systems (CMS). Another popular one is Joomla.

Just because your website is built with one of these programming languages doesn't automatically mean it is doomed in terms of search-engine positioning. It just depends on whether the programmer who built the website knew how to code it with SEO in mind.

The biggest problem with database-driven websites is that often they inhibit search engine optimization (SEO) of individual pages of the website. In the case of a plastic surgeon's website, for instance, instead of having one page for each procedure or practice area, the website will have only one page or file, and it will dynamically update to fill in the content appropriate for every subject.

For example, rather than having one fill for breast augmentation and one file for tummy tuck, such as this:


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