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Question:Where can I find a solid overview of branding?

Answer:Think of branding in the following digestible bites:

1. Brand Concept: A set of associations about a company or product that reside in the memory of customers.

2. Fostering the Brand Concept: Brand associations spring from various actions of the firm, including (but not limited to) advertising and general media communications. But associations also come from distribution (shelf location can convey a good product by a big seller), sales promotions (affordable), and product characteristics (including the name, packaging, and logo). Consumers' use of these brands, and information about the brands from the press, opinion leaders, and word of mouth also affect the nature of these associations.

3. Brand Extensions: A parent company or product may extend its name to a new entity. Such action, called a brand extension, succeeds only when there exists a basis of fit between the parent and the child brands.

You can read more about branding in our tutorial on the subject.

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