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Question:I've never done a questionnaire before. Where do I start?

Answer:Here are some things you should think about when putting together any type of questionnaire:

1. Efficiently ask all the questions that are important. Avoid questions that seem off topic. This requires that you first clearly identify what it is you want to know.

2. Shorter questionnaires are better than longer ones, but more important than length is how easy it is to complete the questionnaire. So, you need to make your instructions very clear and make sure the wording of all questions is unambiguous.

3. Pretest a questionnaire to make sure of the above. Do this with real respondents, or at least coworkers. This is very important; pre-testing ensures that the questionnaire is easy to fill out.

4. Open-ended questions, while often necessary, are the least likely to be answered. You may need to use them, but you’ll increase your response rate by translating them into a scale.

You can learn all about scales and their variations in our tutorial.

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