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Question:How do I gain new customers and keep my existing ones?

Answer:The key is to put your marketing brainpower behind saving customers time, money and effort.

Traditional marketing tactics are steadily losing effectiveness. Customers donít have enough time to read--let alone respond to--run-of-the-mill ads and promotions. Running another ad isnít going to solve your problems, and besides, your budgets are probably under pressure anyway.

Want to grab a customerís attention? Want to lock in their loyalty and capture a greater share of their business? Save them time, money and effort.

To do this, just think of LESS:

Learn from your customers, and remember what they tell your firm. Most firms forget 90 percent of what customers tell them. If you can lower this percentage, you gain a remarkable competitive advantage. Youíll know what each customer dislikes, and you will have an easier time removing these frustrations from their lives.

To get specifics on how, and to learn more, please see Less Is More Marketing

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