Service has now been shown to be an important part of customer's experience on the web (as it always has been in the offline world). In fact, various research firms are advising all companies to focus on making the most of their customer relationships and managing online and offline sales channels. This means, in short, making sure that customers are not only highly satisfied, but will stay with you for the long term.

To make this happen you're going to have to get sophisticated about understanding how customers perceive your "service quality".

Ok, maybe you're on top of this already and you've contracted with one of those firms on the Internet who will measure your service quality through internet surveys. Or maybe you're thinking about measuring your service quality by asking customers yourself.

In either case you want to be sure you have a clear idea of what "service quality" really means. Failure to understand the real meaning of service quality may result in you measuring the wrong thing!


Here's an example of one way that is often used to measure service quality:

You ask people to respond to a set of statements and ask them whether they agree or disagree. For example,

"When we promise to do something by a certain time, we do it."

Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree

or "Our company is dependable" or something similar.

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