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Licensing and Republishing

MarketingProfs does not allow its content to be lifted wholesale and republished elsewhere without a licensing agreement.

We have two options for those who want to include MarketingProfs content on their own sites, newsletters, and so on:

  1. You may publish only short excerpts of our content (no more than 2-3 paragraphs) AND include a direct link (not shortened URL) back to the original source on MarketingProfs, without using rel="nofollow",  to allow your readers to access the full article, post, or other piece of MarketingProfs content. This alternative is consistent with best-practices in Web publishing, and you do not need a license agreement with MarketingProfs to do so.
  2. If you wish to include a longer excerpt or the full article, you may license our content for a reasonable fee and include that excerpt or article on your site, e-newsletter, newsletter, and so on. Please contact us here if you are interested in discussing licensing options.

Please contact Customer Support with any questions. Thank you!

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