"Survival of the fittest" is often attributed to Darwin. More accurately, however, Darwin was describing "survival of the flexible" when talking about species most rewarded with longevity.

In the midst of an economic crisis stacked on top of an environmental crisis, it is such agility that is quickly defining the business and community leaders of tomorrow.

Consumer Expectations

Understanding current financial limitations while remaining focused on the critical triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit—is the fundamental challenge for today's organizations.

The current confluence of an environmental and economic crisis is the greatest opportunity of our times for culture change.

Companies and organizations that both understand and react to the latest in consumer expectations are well positioned to offer beneficial goods and services to customers as well as financial stability to their stakeholders.

New consumer expectations include the following.

Transparency over spectacle

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John Rooks is is president and founder of The SOAP Group (www.thesoapgroup.com). SOAP (Sustainable Organization Advocacy Partners) is a consultant for Fortune 500 companies on issues of environmental and sustainability messaging. John can be reached at jrooks@thesoapgroup.com and at 207.772.0066, ext. 105.