After reading Compete’s conclusion that post-click experiences are the key to competitive advantage in online advertising—something we’ve known for years but are thrilled to have validated by an objective third-party study—I had to track down as much of the original research as possible.

I found the original blog post by managing director Miro Kazakoff. The post reveals two cases where competitors in the same market had dramatically different conversion rates based on their post-click experience.

The first compared data across 20 campaigns from wireless carriers. The results show that the top quartile does 515% better than the bottom quartile.


Remember: This is after they’ve already won the click. It’s what happens next that makes the difference.

Their second example was from the credit card industry, where campaigns to get respondents to start an application had a 30X difference between the best performer and the worst:

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Scott Brinker is co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a provider of landing-page management software and conversion-optimization services. He also writes a blog on marketing technology called Chief Marketing Technologist.

Twitter: @chiefmartec.