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The Brave New World of the Engaged Web

by AJ Harring  |  
December 15, 2009

It goes without saying: The Web is very different from what it once was.

CNN and other "old media" stalwarts such as NBC, ABC, and the New York Times are no longer the top-ranked, most highly trafficked websites. Now, the darlings of Web 2.0 and beyond are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

It's clear that Web habits are changing fast. In terms of clicks per minute, the world's attention is dominated not by traditional content-based sites but by a set of radically different, interactive, community-based tools and services.

We no longer use the Web just for browsing, we use it for doing: posting videos, creating content, sharing things, and connecting with people and organizations.

Welcome to "the Engaged Web," a new world where passive websites have been replaced by engaging Web applications and where visitors have become users. That new world has three important implications for marketers:

  1. You've got an exciting new universe of opportunities for engaging today's Web user.
  2. Your users expect richer, more-rewarding experiences; anything less is dull.
  3. If your Web applications don't meet users' expectations, users will find some that do.

The Engaged Web takes some of the best Web 2.0 applications of the past few years and recasts them, blending new user experiences with enterprise applications such as customer relationship management (CRM).

Those applications, when managed effectively via a content management system (CMS), can be combined and used in concert to engage key audiences. The result: surprising commercial returns, ranging from serious new revenues to delighted customers who become involved with your brand.

So, What About CRM?

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AJ Harring is president of EPiServer US (, a provider of platforms for web content management, online communities, and digital marketing.

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  • by chris marentis Thu Dec 17, 2009 via web

    very good post...and thought provoking. We all know change is coming! Key is people are not using lists that have right now with very simple tools they have right now. Even though new web 2.0 apps will make the exchange of customer info easier, we have very robust systems for all kinds of follow up triggers and such that are not being used. The net is if you are not a business doing this stuff today the odds are you will not do it as it continues to evolve. Let's get started!

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