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The Top Five Things Marketers Must Do in 2010

by Joel Book  |  
March 2, 2010

This year will be another year of key strategic and tactical decisions for marketers. With flat or reduced budgets, marketers will once again have to determine where to invest for the best return.

So if you want to get the most juice for the squeeze for your marketing dollar in 2010, here are five things you must do:

1. Invest in Digital Media That Optimize Customer Engagement

Use search to attract customers to your website

The No. 1 tactic for attracting prospective customers to your website is search. Using pay-per-click (PPC), or paid search, in combination with search-engine optimization (SEO), or natural search, to attract visitors to your website or landing page is vital if you want to make your site a magnet for potential customers.

To maximize search return on investment, test various keywords and phrases with paid search to determine which drive the most traffic. Then, incorporate those keywords and phrases into your website and blog content. The result will be higher rankings for your site in search results.

Design your website to engage visitors

Research has found that 9 out of 10 website visitors leave without ever identifying themselves. That's because the majority of websites are not designed to serve the visitor and invite that visitor to become an email subscriber.

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Joel Book is a principal in ExactTarget's marketing research and education group. Reach Joel via

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  • by Harold Henn Tue Mar 2, 2010 via web

    Joel - great article and spot-on, thanks for sharing!

  • by Barbara Bix Wed Mar 3, 2010 via web

    Well said and well-written! These are the same conclusions I've reached for my clients ( B2B companies with longer sales cycles). At the heart of all your recommendations is the advice to pay attention to how others prefer to engage. These suggestions are the good manners our mothers taught us--and also good marketing. Readers of this publication will know that I'm a big fan of getting deep insights into customer needs. Digital marketing accelerates this process while cutting the cost--and therefore is an important part of the mix. Thanks again for a great article that gets right to the point!

  • by Jeff Ogden Thu Mar 4, 2010 via web

    Agree with Barbara 100%. You sum it up perfectly. I especially like your thoughts (and hers) on getting deep insights into customer needs. I've seen too many businesses that think they know what the customer wants and needs.

    Jeff Ogden, President
    Find New Customers

  • by Quang Ba Website Wed Mar 10, 2010 via web

    Nice. Very perfect

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