If you're using direct marketing to sell your products and services, then you know that it's all about making an offer.

But are you testing your offers to find out what work best?

Did you know there are many ways to present an offer that can boost your response and increase your sales?

There are hundreds of offers and thousands, perhaps millions, of offer variations you can test. However, some offers are proven winners. Here are 59 of them.

1. Free Trial. This may be the best offer ever devised. People can try your product for free and without obligation for 10 days, 15 days, 30 days, or more. The time frame should fit the product. This offer removes risk for the prospect and overcomes buying inertia.

2. Money-Back Guarantee. This is perhaps the second-best offer. A customer pays up front—but if dissatisfied can return the item for a full refund. Like the free trial, this offer removes risk but allows you to use customer inertia because only a small percentage of people will take the trouble to return something.

3. Free Gift. When you offer a freebie that your customer wants, your offer will usually outpull a discount offer of similar value. That's because a gift is a more tangible benefit.

4. Limited-Time. An offer with a time limit gets more response than an offer without one, especially when you give a specific deadline. It forces a decision, and the faster a decision the more likely it will be in your favor.

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Dean Rieck is a direct-marketing copywriter and consultant (www.directcreative.com), and publishes the popular Direct Creative Blog (www.directcreative.com/blog) and Pro Copy Tips (www.procopytips.com).