Although few mainstream Web users fully understand how much strategic, behind-the-scenes effort is required to make a website function properly, all are intolerant when broken code causes a website to malfunction.

All the beauty and elegance in the world will never compensate for the ugliness of improper rendering.

Lost user confidence is but one cost of sloppy code. Attempts to fix it can rack up thousands of dollars in consultant fees. And poorly coded Web assets can hinder marketing-campaign performance.

Because coding practices directly affect marketing, they should also be considered in that context. Accordingly, this article illustrates the importance of correct coding practices to marketing strategy and describes four of those practices.

Coding and the Committed Marketer

The Web browser, operating system, and hardware landscapes are an ever-evolving mush of disparate technologies that will always share one commonality: the Internet.

With the variety of technologies being used to display Web marketing assets (websites, landing pages, ads, email campaigns, etc.), presentational coding best-practices are becoming impossible to ignore.

Faced by a client or project that requires Web assets, marketing professionals must take real business objectives and translate them into a creative and technological solution that will wear well over time and provide the largest return on each marketing dollar.

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Ryan Frederick is a principal and VP of interactive design for Engage Marketing Group ( Reach him via