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2011 is here, and that means B2B marketing professionals have just been evaluating plans and allocating budget for the new year. Each company has unique goals and challenges, and so what works for one company may not work for another; there are no universal marketing solutions.

However, the same key trends will affect every company, and marketers who capitalize on them will be better positioned to achieve their objectives.

1. Buyers crave content

Buyers crave useful, relevant content to build their internal business cases and justify buying decisions. It's up to you to provide valuable content to help buyers make informed purchase decisions—and to help your company earn new sales.

Take stock of your current content, and map it to your audience needs. Then, fill in any gaps. If, for example, you're short on content aimed at the economic buyer, create an ROI calculator. Maybe analytical buyers don't understand your novel approach to solving a problem—that might call for a case study. Or, if you need more visibility and authority in the market, launch a blog.

You don't have to start from the beginning when developing content. Often you can repurpose content for use across several media. For example, a whitepaper can become   a webinar, and later a video. Or, a technical article can be repurposed into a presentation at a conference that becomes a series of blog entries.

2. Users want a multimedia experience

As with most audiences, professionals are now reading and watching and listening to online content. Take advantage of this trend by offering more than just words on paper or a screen. Thanks to inexpensive technologies and high bandwidth, a medium such as video is simple to produce and easy to deliver to your audience.

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Chris Chariton is senior vice-president of product management and supplier marketing for GlobalSpec, a leading provider of digital media solutions that connect industrial marketers with their target audience of engineering, technical, industrial, scientific, and manufacturing sector professionals. Chris can be reached via cchariton@globalspec.com.