Website redesigns have become an addiction. Every year or two, Marketing decides it's due time to "freshen up the ol' site." And so begins the long, expensive process of recreating a website.

Unfortunately, businesses rarely take the proper approach to a website redesign, resulting in a project that goes over budget, launches late, and fails to deliver results.

So before you go out and hire a Web designer and developer to rebuild the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal, make sure you have a well-defined plan for success.

Do You Really Need Another Redesign?

It seems an obvious question, but too many times the reasons for embarking on a redesign are less than convincing. Here are just a few...

I'm sick of looking at the same website every day!

Using the same website day after day can get tiresome, but keep in mind that many, if not most, of your visitors don't see your site every day. So although it may seem to you that it's time for a change, your visitors are likely just starting to get used to your website.

It can take years for visitors to begin to associate your Web design with your brand and get comfortable with the layout and navigation.

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Andrew Follett is the founder of Demo Duck, which helps businesses create animated and live-action explainer videos. He also runs Video Brewery, a corporate video production marketplace. You can follow him on his blog, Google+, and Twitter.