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Why Your B2B Website Needs Social Interaction

by Bob Egner  |  
February 3, 2011

In this article, you'll learn...

  • What benefits B2B companies can reap from socializing better online
  • How to make your website more social and help boost results

If your idea of giving your website a social life consists solely of a "follow us on Facebook" button on your homepage or a "follow us on Twitter" link on your contact page, you might want to look at your analytics to see what those techniques have done for your Web results.

Though the Web is becoming more social and interactive, especially with the popularity of interactive content-consumption devices (think iPad), corporate websites, especially those of B2B companies, remain mostly static and uninteresting brochure-ware.

Among the variety of reasons for B2B companies' static online presence, the two I most frequently encounter are a lack of understanding about "social" techniques and limited technical knowledge about making simple social changes to websites.

Let's look at both reasons.

Why You Need to be More Sociable

There are plenty of reasons to make your website more social than it is today.

Perhaps the best reason is to boost website results—traffic, engagement, and leads. Other important reasons include the following:

  • Engaging visitors more fully by eliminating one-way communication
  • Boosting the credibility of your brand by giving a forum to your advocates
  • Increasing stickiness on your site by improving engagement metrics, such as time on site, pageviews, and repeat visits
  • Influencing your market by joining the conversation
  • Better targeting your messages by collecting and acting on user and community feedback
  • Boosting your search engine results by giving search spiders a lot of relevant content to chew on.

Elements of the Social Web

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Bob Egner is VP of global marketing at EPiServer and an expert at leading marketing and product management activities for software companies. Reach him via

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  • by Danny Naz - Naz Creative Fri Feb 4, 2011 via web

    whether it's b2b or b2c, getting social and creating that conversation is so important in today's market. more and more business owners and consumers are turning to social media to see what brands are talking about. Everything today is about engaging your audience and the trend seems to be getting stronger as time goes on.

  • by Dayton Tue Feb 8, 2011 via web

    Good post Bob. I hope marketers reading this take your suggestions to heart. Company websites are the cornerstone of a brands online identity, but most are bland, old and one dimensional. What about customer engagement? What about compelling content? What about personality?

    There are some gems out there (like this one:, but, for the most part, corporate websites are living in a state of "blah". We, as marketers, need to look in our back yard first before playing around with all the shiny social media toys.

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