This article will explore the benefits of outsourcing marketing tasks such as graphic design, Web design, and Web development. Written specifically for B2B organizations of roughly 100 employees and a relatively small marketing footprint, this article will summarize some areas that need to be considered when determining whether to outsource graphic design, branding, or multimedia work to an agency.

The question of whether to outsource varies depending on the specific factors at play in an organization. Though outsourcing may bring significant cost savings to some, for others the workload just might not be sufficient enough to justify going with an agency.

Regardless, there are significant benefits—including the following—that should be considered when contemplating the outsourcing of creative marketing functions.

1. Higher-Quality Output

Because of the highly competitive nature of the graphic design/Web industry, outsourced firms must perform at a very high level to keep clients satisfied. That means going the extra mile, working "over budget," and meeting the high demands of the client. The relative ease with which clients can move from one firm to another makes high-quality output an imperative.

2. Cost Efficiency

Although outsourcing might not necessarily provide cost savings (at least in the short term), significant savings are a reality, as you pay only for time used. In an outsourced environment, there is no downtime that eats away at budget. In addition, if there are no projects, there are no costs; whereas with in-house staff, overhead costs remain constant regardless of how much work is available.

3. Economies of Scale

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Mike Etzinger is marketing director of RL Solutions, a provider of healthcare software solutions. Reach him via Twitter @maetzing and