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The Marketer's Guide to Fixing Your Website

by Dan Gorgone  |  
April 16, 2012

In this article, you'll learn...

  • How to effectively mitigate a website problem
  • Why you don't need technical expertise to resolve website issues

Websites are a work in progress. They are launched with the hope that they will work properly, but problems inevitably arise, ranging from the minor "this is an annoyance" variety to an all-hands-on-deck, "red-alert!" crisis.

The way to move beyond any of those problems is, of course, to solve them. But many online marketers lack the requisite skills—or, in some cases, direct control of the site—to make website fixes themselves.

So what should marketers do when they encounter a website problem?

1. I'm afraid I'll ruffle feathers by presenting problems I've found

Your developer, Web team, manager, or contractor is responsible for your site, and—as defensive as some of them may be when a problem arises—many appreciate knowing when something is wrong. However, the effort required to come up with a creative fix to a problem can often be more taxing than actually coding the fix.
Therefore, always offer a potential solution. Drawing attention to problems without offering suggestions for correcting them could come off as nitpickiness. On the other hand, presenting a fresh idea moves problem-solving one step forward and takes pressure off the person tasked with implementing the fix.

Even if your idea does not ultimately solve the problem, voicing it can help spur creativity to identify an approach that does work.

2. But I don't know what the solution should be!

Often, a problem has no single solution. Design is a creative endeavor, not a mathematical equation. When something doesn't look right on your website, there must be a reason.

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Dan Gorgone is an instructional designer on the Professional Development Services team at MarketingProfs.

Twitter: @dangorgone

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  • by Sally Erickson Mon Apr 16, 2012 via web

    I actually provide the services to "fix" websites, but I've never seen the idea of getting it done written so well. It's a point of view I hadn't thought about. Since I'm trying to reach small businesses whose problem with their website is under their own control.
    I especially like the idea of not bringing up a problem you spot on the website without giving some thought to a solution. That's a big step for most website users, and the other suggestion of offering to test the fix sounds more appropriate for someone who is not web-savvy.
    I enjoyed your article. Thank you!

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