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Engagement Energy: 10 Ways to Power Up Sales and Marketing to Capture Attention and Drive Action

by Deb Rapacz  |  
April 17, 2012

In this article, you'll learn...

  • 10 ways to make marketing and sales communications more engaging
  • How engagement energy can influence prospects and drive sales

Engaging buyers is a regular theme in sales and marketing conversations these days. Social media marketers are driving participation and encouraging customers to become so engaged with a brand that they own the responsibility of creating content to share their enthusiasm.

Loyalty and relationship marketers are encouraging enrollment in their programs to keep people continually engaged with their brands. Advertisers are trying to break through the clutter to get people to notice their messages. Salespeople are looking for ways to gain attention from prospects so that the prospects will remember how and why their product is worth considering.

Sound interesting? Then read through the following list of "engagement-energy" boosters and think about how you can use them to create more compelling content and communications.

What is engagement energy?

For the purposes of this article, engagement energy refers to activating a person's brain when she is exposed to any form of communication. Imagine having a switch that activates your buyer's brain and gets her to pay attention to what you say. Better yet, what if you could get your buyers to say "yes" to what you're asking them to do?

The following techniques are based on findings from a collection of psychologists and neuroscientists who study ways to stimulate the brain. Here I'm sharing an overview of some action-oriented tools... with just a little of the psychology.

Are you ready to capture your audience's attention and generate laser-focus on your message?

If so, here are 10 ways you can add engagement energy to your sales and marketing communications.

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Deb Rapacz offers audits and workshops to help brands and nonprofit organizations create compelling sales and marketing communications that stand out and sink in. Deb can be reached via or by phone via 708-829-6031.

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  • by Edna ~ Tue Apr 17, 2012 via web

    Thanks for the article, Deb. In social media, I am more hesitant to ask questions simply because I think it sounds a little salesy. I do think a well-worded question for a giveaway contest can be effective though. Also, I find that painting pictures is a great way to involve customers because I am a visual learner and am more likely to respond to an image that makes me think about a subject, and, like you said (my paraphrased version of course), when customers are imaginatively involved then they really become engaged.

  • by Michell Hollinshead Tue Apr 17, 2012 via web

    Thank you Deb for this article. It is very helpful. I'm about to do an audit now and make some changes to an add I have. Thanks again. quick to read and had me taking notes right away. I felt like this was a step by step engaging guide and I was able to redo my add on the spot visualizing the tools and suggestions you wrote. Thanks again. Have a great day.

  • by Deb Tue Apr 17, 2012 via web

    Glad it was helpful. I love that you were able to audit a piece and find ways to use the tips.

  • by Scott R Thu Apr 26, 2012 via web

    Great article Deb. Not too long and directly to the point. I think, more often that we admit, a couple extra sets of eyes on each piece of media we sent out, no matter what form it's it, can help us remember these valuable rules.
    We should audit often and always.

  • by KSingh Mon May 7, 2012 via web

    Its often simple things such as where you place your calls to action or the design of it that can have a huge impact on your results. Google website optimizer is a great free tool to test alternatives.

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