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Doc, What Can You Do for My Marketing Headache? A Data Prescription

by Jim Bergeson  |  
April 18, 2012

In this article, you'll learn...

  • Five reasons your data can help you identify the right marketing solutions
  • How data can help drive customer insight, engagement, and ROI

Many marketers feel overwhelmed by the waves of marketing "solutions" that hit them every day: new digital advertising options, new mobile apps, every surefire lead-generation scheme in the book. That torrent is enough to give a person a monumental headache.

The best prescription for helping you blunt the pain and ensure that individual "solutions" don't also trigger "sub-headaches," is an organization's own data.

You could say... the "data doctor" is in.

To view data (a potentially potent headache-maker in its own right) as a prescription for marketing execs may be counter-intuitive, but data is a surefire prescription for driving customer insight, engagement, and return on investment (ROI).

Here are five reasons your company's data can help you identify the right marketing solutions—and reach and engage your customers.

1. Data removes guesswork

Because it's concrete and measurable, data can relieve executives from being pushed around by the solution of the day. In fact, focusing data-collection efforts on the customer provides a foundation for all your other marketing decisions. Collect customer data from sources you've never tapped before (e.g., customer complaints, service calls, online comments or referrals, warranty data, enrollments, purchases, dealers, and retailers). Capture it all.

And don't forget data in the public domain, including public registrations, licensures, or governmental regulatory requirements; such data can supplement and complement your own.

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Jim Bergeson is president and CEO of Bridgz Marketing Group in Minneapolis, a BI WORLDWIDE company and member of ICOM, the 50-nation network of independent marketing communications organizations.

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