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"If you want to quickly build your personal brand and become a recognized industry expert, media appearances are essential," says Judy Jernudd, founder of Startegic, a branding company in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Judy is a sought-after keynote speaker, the author of Media Star Power: The ABCs to Successful TV, Radio, Print, and Net Interviews, and the creator of the Media Star Power Coaching Kit. She is frequently interviewed in the media as an expert on influence and brand image. I contacted her after attending her "Media Star Power" webinar in February.

According to Judy, media exposure is a great way to quickly raise your profile... but you need to know certain things to ensure that your media appearances—whether on a blog, in a YouTube video, or on CNN—are successful.

Here are 10 tips that will ensure your media appearances are star quality.

1. Be a bona fide expert

For MarketingProfs readers, this tip is likely obvious; but, Judy says, it is not so obvious for more people than you might think. When you claim to be an expert on something, the media expect your knowledge of and experience with that topic to be deep. Those in the media will assume that you can easily and clearly answer any questions an interviewer might pose about your subject of expertise.

"If you are not an expert on the stated topic, and don't really know what you're doing, do not take the interview," Judy warns. "Instead, find [for] the producer or the assignment editor someone who is qualified to talk about the topic at hand." Judy says this point cannot be overemphasized.

But expertise isn't sufficient. "Not only must you be an expert, you need to be able to clearly articulate what it is that you are an expert on," says Judy.

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