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In the fast-paced world of Web 2.0, a static or hard-to-update site can get very old, very quickly. Whether you're blogging, growing your product range, or keeping your testimonials page looking fresh, using a content management system (CMS) that works to meet your business's needs is an important step toward improving your online presence.

The problem is thousands of CMS platforms are available online. How do you choose the right one for your company? This article will guide you via helpful tips on making your CMS work both for internal teams and external vendors.

Here are three good reasons you should update your CMS:

  1. Cost savings. If you have no control over the content of your website and you rely on a third party to update it at your request, moving to a CMS system will almost certainly save your business a lot of time and money.
  2. Improved website performance. If you and your colleagues are able to update content easily, your site will stay much fresher, which is great for your search engine presence and social rankings. More control would also allow you to actively optimize content—either for search engines or for visitors.
  3. Staying in the game. The Web is constantly evolving. A flexible CMS that is built to adapt and scale will make your business more likely to thrive online.

Before You Start

Depending on your current setup and online content, moving to a new CMS can be quite a big undertaking. Although many services—particularly enterprise-level content management—will offer assistance, you'll still need to ask yourself some important questions. This step is crucial to choosing the right CMS for your business.

As you start to review your CMS options, consider the following six questions.

1. What do you currently have?

Presuming you have a website, it must have some kind of backend. Find out what that is, and who has the keys to it.

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Roland Benedetti is an IT professional who works for Nuxeo, a software company that provides a full enterprise content management platform, open source, for any kind of content-driven application.