On June 11 in San Francisco, a group of marketers will gather for the first time to discuss the discipline of agile marketing. Their aim is to learn, share, and define the physics of agile marketing.

I queried the agile marketing community about why agile is imperative to marketing today, and what best-practices those agile marketing professionals can share with other marketers who are thinking of starting their own sprints and scrums.

Four Reasons for Agile Marketing

Tablets, smartphones, e-readers, email, content marketing... the list of devices and channels available to customers goes on. Media is getting more fragmented by the minute, and the pace is only picking up.

Faced with all of the changes in marketing over the last few years, marketers need to get serious about marketing processes. Some companies and marketers are handling the pace of change via agile marketing.

Marketing with agility is derived from the agile software development movement: Product marketers and marketers who worked closely with developers who used agile started to apply the practice to their own work and campaigns.

So, why should all marketers implement agile marketing? Practicing agile marketers offer the following four reasons.

1. Speed

  • "Time is the scarcest commodity. By shortening the cycle times, we can effectively create more time. You also get faster results and have the option to adjust faster if something is working very well or not very well." —Dan Marks, chief marketing officer, First Tennessee Bank
  • "We are operating in an increasing social and real-time environment where things are happening faster and traditional approaches to marketing planning just can't keep up." —Frank Days, vice-president of marketing, Correlsense
  • "Agile methodologies in marketing are increasingly important as the Web-paced world creates challenges and opportunities that require an organization to respond in real time." —Kirsten Knipp, senior director, marketing, SolarWinds
  • "Agile marketing processes are important because marketing is operating in the most fluid, fast-changing environment in its history. Social marketing opportunities come and go quickly, competition in dynamic advertising markets can change overnight, marketing platforms such as Google and Facebook are constantly evolving, SaaS-based tools we use have frequent updates with new features, and our own organizations are often tweaking products/services at a greatly accelerated clock speed. More importantly, our prospects and customers have now come to expect our marketing to be quick to react across these channels and experiences. Agile marketing isn't just a nice to have; it's the only way an organization has a prayer of executing at the speed the market demands." —Scott Brinker, president and chief technology officer, ion interactive inc.

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John Cass is a digital marketer, blogger, author, and co-host of the agile marketing podcast. He is volunteer co-chair of SprintZero: The Physics of Agile Marketing, the first gathering of agile marketers to take place: June 11, in San Francisco, at the Mindjet offices.