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Why I Love Google+

by Guy Kawasaki  |  
June 13, 2012

In this article, you'll learn...

  • The benefits of using Google+
  • How Google+ differs from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

The following article is based on an excerpt from the author's recently published e-book, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of US (Version 2.0). The e-book is free to the first 600 MarketingProfs readers who download it by July 12.

Yet Another Social Media Platform

More than 850,000 people follow me on Twitter, and 171,000 people subscribe to my Facebook account, so I'm not a newbie to social media. Like many people, I need another social media service like I need more email... or my dog to throw up on my carpet.

Figure 1. My Twitter stats: really, I'm not a newbie to social media.

And yet I jumped on Google+ (after I figured out how to publicly share posts, anyway). I spend two hours a day on Google+ because doing so is enjoyable and good for my brand as a writer, speaker, and startup-company adviser. Or, more truthfully, using Google+ is so enjoyable that I rationalize that it's good for my brand.

In addition to my fondness for its members and their comments, Google+ embodies many appealing attributes that make social networking better. Here's how Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest compare along some parameters that are important to me:

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Guy Kawasaki is the author of eleven books, including Enchantment, Reality Check, The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way. He is the cofounder of and a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures. Previously, he was the chief evangelist of Apple.

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  • by Rosemary ONeill Wed Jun 13, 2012 via web

    I think a lot of people are treating Google+ like the broccoli they are being forced to eat because Google holds the keys to search visibility. Once everyone gets over that mental block, and really checks out G+, I think it will gain ground quickly. Thanks for the comparison table, that really makes things clear!

  • by Jeff Mesnik Wed Jun 13, 2012 via web

    A Reason to use Google + was to improve natural SEO rankings... how ever, I have heard that is you do not have enough +1's that your rankings will hurt by adding it.

    Is this true? Since you already have a large following this is not an issue for you, but if you are a small or new business, what are the consequences.

  • by Matt Wed Jun 13, 2012 via web

    I really love the article and in depth look at the benefits of Google+. I really love the platform, but I still it lacks a communication feature like being able to write on somebody's timeline. Yet, it's originality and diversity make it stand alone.

    I also think that Pinterest is about Passions, not Google+. Pinterest showcases people's interests through a social platform. People share their passions on their fitness, cooking, or comedy movie boards. Google+ isn't very individual but more about community. Hangouts, gchat, original brand pages, etc.

    Great post, none the less!

  • by Britt Anderson Wed Jun 13, 2012 via web

    The question I have, and it seems to be big right now with this whole promoted post stuff, and the fact that Edgerank determines who sees your posts....with Google+, you say everyone can see your posts. But at what point will you not because you have too many people in your circle, so your feed is jammed pack full of stuff. Wouldn't you end up with the same issues on Google+? Like Twitter...everything comes into my feed, but if I am not on it 24/7, or willing to go back through hundreds of missed tweets, I will miss stuff.

  • by Justin Seibert Thu Jun 14, 2012 via web

    Guy - Thanks for a well-written and -reasoned article. I'd also say Google has a track record...but it hasn't been good with social. There's all the potential in the world for G+ to take off, but the common adoption isn't there and I don't see it happening save for some radical shift. And I don't think forcing Google Places into Google+ is it.

  • by gifts for business Sun Jun 17, 2012 via web

    Me and my friend were arguing about an issue similar to this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for the information you post.

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