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Five Ways to Turn Your Chamber of Commerce Membership Into Sales

by Mike Bowman  |  
August 3, 2012

In this article you'll learn...

  • That many businesses are not taking full advantage of their chamber of commerce membership and losing sales leads and brand awareness as a result.
  • Five benefits of chamber of commerce membership that are often forgotten, but have the power to create additional sales revenue for your company.

Many business owners join their local chamber of commerce because they recognize that their customers associate chamber affiliation with ethics, professionalism, and commitment to the community.

One study on consumer preferences found that 63% of consumers prefer to shop and do business with chamber members. So it is no surprise that business owners gladly pay membership dues and place the chamber logo on their websites and front doors.

But many of those businesses are not taking advantage of opportunities to increase sales and brand awareness. Yes, their chamber membership boosts their credibility in consumers' eyes, but a chamber membership potentially offers a lot more.

Here are five ways business owners can derive value from their chamber membership.

1. Get on the chamber's site

One of the very first challenges new business owners face is quickly spreading the word about their venture. Did you know that many chambers offer their members space on the chamber's website for a nominal fee or even free? Aligning your company with the chamber website is a strategic move that allows you to share in the large number of community visits it generates.

At the Monroeville Chamber of Commerce in Pennsylvania, membership includes your own profile page on the organization's website. Debbie Iszauk, membership services director, says, "Our members frequently use their online profile page on the chamber's website to give their customers a convenient point of reference to learn more about the services they offer. Members can post coupons, share company news, and communicate with our community at large through their profile page."

2. Let the chamber promote your news

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Mike Bowman is the publisher of The Quarter Roll Financial Entertainment magazine. His goal is to take the confusion and fear out of managing money, and then make it fun and even entertaining. Reach him via

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  • by Rishi Fri Aug 3, 2012 via web

    The first point about "Getting on the chamber's website" is very relevant. However, it's relevant for other reasons:

    1. Getting on the chamber's website WON'T get you any end consumers because those who go on the chamber's website are mostly businesses.

    2. Getting on the chamber's website WILL significantly increase your SEO efforts. Think about it. Many businesses place the chamber's website link on their website, which increases the authoritativeness of the chamber's website. Hence, when your website is placed on the chamber's website, your search engine rankings will see a significant boost because Google sees it as a trusted source!

    Get access to all our marketing cheat sheets including "Top 8 Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid" at

  • by Jeri Vespoli Thu May 7, 2015 via web

    Yes! Local chambers add ever-growing resources to the benefits they offer members.

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