Creating consistently engaging and fresh content for any company's blog is no easy task. Blogging is about building trust with your potential clients, and company blogs that offer valuable information with a fresh perspective are more likely to hook their audiences and turn readers into customers.

But even the most thoughtful corporate bloggers can get stuck from time to time. If you think it's time to rethink your company blogging strategy, follow the following five quick tips to build your audience and make your company blog worth reading.

Tip 1: Keep it about the reader

Write your blogs for your readers, not for yourself, and approach every topic you choose from the perspective of your audience. What are the questions your customers typically ask? Start there and use your experience with clients to begin writing content that is both useful to the reader and easy to understand. Skip the jargon and hot buzzwords.

Your readers are coming to you because they believe you offer a unique opinion, and your personal touch will get lost if your content is full of jargon or industry clichés. Talk in their language and make it very clear the content is for their benefit.

Of course, if your ideal reader is an expert in the field, feel free to use more technical language. But, in most cases, you should make an effort to convey your ideas in a way that is accessible to a range of readers. For example, the travel blog I manage has an international audience, and many of its readers speak English as a second language. We therefore target a lower reading level and make sure our language is simple and conveys a compelling message without getting too technical.

Tip 2: Focus on expert tips

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Muhammad Yasin is a public speaker, e-book author, and director of marketing for HCC Medical Insurance Services. He is responsible for the brand building and lead generation strategy of several dozen social media accounts with more than a quarter of a million followers.