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Eight Website Super Signals That Increase Brand Trust

by Jeremy Schaedler  |  
August 23, 2012

Getting lost down a dark alley in a seedy, unfamiliar part of town is nobody's idea of a good time, so don't make your customers wonder whether they've visited the wrong side of the Web when they come to your website. That's particularly true of small business websites.

Brand trust is critical to converting site visitors into customers, but how is it created if your name isn't Apple or Coca-Cola? Here's a list of eight quality signals that, when implemented on your website, will increase not only brand trust but also conversions, which means more revenue for your business's bottom line.

1. Show authoritative sites in which you've been featured

Has your site been mentioned by authoritative brands or media outlets? When your site visitors see that you've been mentioned by brands they know and trust, they'll be more inclined to trust your brand by association.

Consider a "Featured In" or "As Seen In" section to your site that lists authoritative sites that have mentioned or featured your brand.

2. Join the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Signing up for the BBB and adding its badge to your site is a great way to instill trust in your business when visitors experience your brand for the first time. The BBB performs background checks on businesses it accredits, so questionable, underdeveloped businesses are typically excluded.

The BBB symbol also lets visitors know that your brand is subject to scrutiny if it operates in a less-than-ethical manner, which creates an added layer of trust.

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Jeremy Schaedler is an economics graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles, who writes for his company,, and for other publications related to insurance and marketing.

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  • by Mike Lovas Thu Aug 23, 2012 via web

    I don't mean to be the Contrarian - however, the points here are rather remedial.

    The one that struck me as questionable is #2. The Better Business Bureau is a point of trust (or credibility) mainly for people who do not know that the BBB is a "pay to play" organization.

    The main point that is not included is transparency. Showing the real people behind the company, explaining your business, why you're in it, and how you get paid.

    Full Disclosure - I've been researching trust and credibility since 1991. I've delivered many speeches on it, written many articles and published two books on this topic.


  • by SMEProfessor Thu Aug 23, 2012 via android

    Good article, thanks. In addition, please consider addition of the following: 1. Corporate Social Responsibility activities 2.interesting projects or problems you have assisted to solve 3. Useful content: tips, formula, guides, etc that can truly help your target audience. 4.Lastly, 'Walk the talk' - make sure you can truly deliver on your promise. Perhaps, this is the most important one..

  • by Nick Stamoulis Fri Aug 24, 2012 via web

    I always tell clients to start with putting their real address, phone number, email and so forth where it can be easily find. People need to know you're not a fly-by-the-night business.

  • by Ryan Key Sun Aug 26, 2012 via web

    Makes sense, not sure why many companies don't already do this, maybe they need more marketing consultation.

  • by andré delbecq Sun Sep 2, 2012 via web

    as already said, this article makes sense as well as some of the various comments made by some readers.
    Brand trust for the customer is also about being confident that he can easily return the product and gets a refund ...".satisfied or refunded"

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